Amphenol / SV Microwave SMPS Compact RF Connectors

Amphenol / SV Microwave SMPS Compact RF Connectors are high-performance subminiature RF connectors that utilize the same features as the SMP and SMPM series. These connectors are capable of frequencies exceeding 100GHz and are 45% smaller than the SMP and 30% smaller than the SMPM. The SMPS components are directly compatible with the G3PO interface and feature a full detent and smooth bore. Configurations include male and female cable connectors, board mount, edge launch, and a female bullet. The male interface is available with a smooth bore for easy mating or detent for female retention. Amphenol / SV Microwave SMPS Compact RF Connectors are ideal in applications where density is important.


  • Blind-mate / push-on design (RFfortless®)
  • 45% smaller than the SMP
  • 30% smaller than the SMPM
  • 100GHz capability
  • Full detent and smooth bore options are available
  • Smaller than Gore 100 and equivalent to G3PO


  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Board to board
  • Board edge-mount to a backplane
  • High frequency inside the box cable assemblies
  • High-density multiport connectors and blocks


  • 50Ω impedance
  • 65GHz frequency
  • VSWR
    • 1.10:1 from DC to 26.5GHz typical
    • 1.25:1 from DC to 65GHz typical
  • 0.07√f(GHz) insertion loss
  • ≥-80dB typical shielding effectiveness
  • Mating cycles
    • 500 cycles for smooth bore
    • 100 cycles for full detent
  • 250VRMS dielectric withstanding voltage
  • -65°C to +165°C temperature range
  • Engage force
    • 1.2lbs. for smooth bore
    • 2.5lbs. for full detent
  • Disengage force
    • 1.02lbs. for smooth bore
    • 4.5lbs. for full detent
  • 0.010" axial misalignment
  • ±0.010" radial misalignment
Published: 2016-07-12 | Updated: 2022-03-11